Welcome to my dynamic, informational and always fun photography workshop page where you will learn a bit about my preferred style of teaching, what you can expect to learn, my rates for both individual and group workshops-and more...


My background teaching photography workshops:

    I started teaching at the Crested Butte Wildflower Festival in 1993, and returned to teach there nearly every year until 2014.


In that time I estimate I taught over 500 students from a lot of places- and many of them returned year after year for more. I must have been something right?


I also have taught workshops for Colorado Free University (CFU out of Denver/Boulder) and by private request over the years.


Here are the three main courses/classes that I have taught and evolved over the years while at the CBWF:


1: Take Your Best Shots: In-the-field 4-6 hour informative and relaxed basic to advanced photography techniques. 

2: Compelling Composition: All about composition, the most important skill once you have learned the technical aspects of photography.

3: The Amazing Alleys of Crested Butte: We focused our lenses on the intriguing and often funky Victorian architecture and gardens of Crested Butte. Wander off the beaten path and get lost while finding something very cool



And of course I teach Custom Private Workshops where I teach you (and your group, etc) anything you want to learn in locations all around the world-or in your backyard. Call for pricing on these workshops: you will love my price structure!


    I estimate that I have now taught over 500 students-many of them repeat customers-over the years. I have an informal yet very informative style of teaching, and I will NOT you lots of pages and bullet lists to go over-- unless it is a multi-day workshop- we instead focus on hands on in-the-field, run and gun photography!

   The best way to learn is to actually do things and experiment as we encounter myriad lighting, composition, and other photography related situations and challenges. Dynamic, always changing, always adapting, always seeing new things in everything you look at.


I strive to bring a new freshness-and hone in on your particular and unique visions- to your photography and bring new excitement into this near infinite subject.


  I also prefer to limit group sizes in my typical 3-5 hour classes to no more than 5-8 clients in order to maximize the potential for one-on-one instruction should you need it.



Until then:

Stay tuned, get out there with your camera- and lets "Get Into Focus"