Welcome to my photography workshop page.  Here you will learn a bit about me and my style of teaching, what you can expect to learn, my rates for both individual and group workshops, and more.

A quick biography about me as your fun yet informative photography workshop leader:

I started teaching at the Crested Butte Wildflower Festival in 1993, and have returned to teach there nearly every year since. I also have taught workshops for Colorado Free University (CFU out of Denver/Boulder) and by private request over the years.

The three main and most requested classes that I have evolved over the years:

1: Take Your Best Shots

2: Compelling Composition

3: The Alleys and Scenics of Crested Butte

I estimate that I have taught over 600 students, many of them repeat customers, over the years.  I have a rather informal yet very informative style of teaching.   I do not like to hand you lots of sheets and bullet lists; I prefer instead to be very much hands on in the field. The best way to learn is to actually do.

I like to limit group sizes in my typical 3-5 hour classes to no more than 8-10 clients in order to maximize the potential for one-on-one instruction should you request it. Oxbow Bend of Snake RiverOxbow Bend of Snake River I am currently in the beginning stages of creating the Jackson Hole School of Photography and Film. I hope to get it to one day be one of the top recognized (mostly nature, scenics, wildlife, and weddings) schools in the US. Stay tuned!